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narwhaltorte [userpic]

Back on track with the scanlating/translatings. And a fic.

April 20th, 2013 (01:52 am)
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Hello there, neglected internets. The school term is over, as well as the rush of post-school social obligations and “important junk I should have done when school was on but didn't have time.” I'm hankering (with minimal luck) to find a work experience job for the summer and failing that I'll be going back to classes in a little under a month, but either way I expect less homework and less stress and a little more free time in the coming months (even if I do classes, I opted for a summer of undergrad languages courses rather than stuff in my grad program, so I'm kinda doing something more on the fun side. Hello Mandarin and Spanish! ...Would have had to take tests to do Japanese so bleh XD)

If there are people out there on the internets who were perhaps fond of my life reports/crazy Mama stories, I apologize for neglecting this important part of your daily entertainment. I'd give you a good Mama story or something right now, but you aren't really up to speed, internet. After a certain point it just gets kind of hard to report anything to anyone who's been out of the loop and have it make sense, you know?

Like, say, right now my Mama calls me every day, probably because she thinks a large percentage of my friends, classmates, and acquaintances are trying to stab or poison me or are complicit in the stabbing and poisoning of me (the “probably” goes to this being the reason she calls me every day. I know for totes sure she thinks people are trying to stab and poison me) and also she thinks I need to understand the divorce rate in our country is really high so I really need to not be so picky about marriage cause you can just divorce if you turn out not to like him everyone does it. These things go in the same sentence because they are closely related.

See what I mean?

Anyway, I have Plans. Like always. This time, the Plans is to fix up the shoddy parts of my scripts so that Random Scanlations can actually release the 4 chapters they've had entirely scanlated for quite some time now and just been sitting around waiting for me to heal up the blemishes ^_^; First priority! (And I've got two so far. Look at me go! *Note: This is actually really sad. It doesn't take that long and I still managed to get so little done. Oh, productivity, where did you go? XD)

After that, there is much random stuffs, and probably life stuffs afoot. One of those things is fixing up MORE of my old scripts so Random Scanlations can just pick them up and use them rather than having to wait for me like this. But also....TRANSLATE NEW CHAPTERS. I haven't even read the new ones, guys. I have so much to read. The end of the game! EXCITING. You might not expect anything TOO amazing from my pace, I admit I'd kinda like to get other things done besides translating with my free time, but I do still love my Oofuri, and this is happening, guys!

And on a random note, I can't help noticing the chapter I just proofed and probably getting released in short order (if you haven't read another version already) is the infamous fantasy talk. Which reminds me hey, didn't I write a fic involving that once? Like, a fic I actually finished and everything? And then set off for a moment to give an edit one last time before posting? And then there was school and then...

Yeah. ...Gotta say, after all this time waiting because of that edit, not feeling much like doing that edit. I am just posting this sucker. I'm willing to bet there were things I was deeply dissatisfied with about this. Just being me and all. All the lovely bolded areas are also kind of a giveaway too I guess. Most of them don't have reasons listed though... And the great thing is, after all this time, I can't really be brought to remember or care all that much! This is probably going to be the most low-stress fic posting experience of my life. AWESOMENESS.
One of My Better Ideas
Rating: General Audiences
Pairing: Izumi Kousuke/Mizutani Fumiki
Characters: Izumi KousukeMizutani Fumiki
Additional Tags: Crossdressing, Birthday

Summary: Birthday plans work best when at least one of the people involved actually understands what the plan is and also has the appropriate genitalia. Only one of these things turned out to be true and, in Mizutani's opinion, this only makes it worse.

narwhaltorte [userpic]

Meep. m(_ _0m

October 10th, 2012 (01:21 pm)

To anyone out there wondering about the lateness of Oofuri chapter 93 summary/translation: Soon, someday, maybe? T_T;

Grad school, as it turns out, can be time consuming T_T I am to some extent being a wimp since I doubt my line of grad school is as demanding as you see in the average grad school horror stories, but settling back into school (particularly things like skimming and reading quickly rather than for pleasure) and a new home is giving me Issues. I get bundles of hours of free time here and there, but my first reaction tends to be to turn my brain off or go buy food that isn't in a can or something.

However, today marks the turning in of the last of my first round of assignments, so hopefully, sometime, maybe, I will get to some translating sometime this weekend or the next! My first goal will actually be to attend to some extras that need translating for the scanlations, since the former translation checker who was going to do that seems to have wandered off (so yeah, now I'm the one who's holding that one up too T_T). But after that...!

...On the other hand, if I don't get to it these in next couple weekends, the semester looks busier after that and... There's a chance I may just have to ignore Oofuri translating till the semester is over (end of November). Hopefully I'll get more efficient with getting my reading and work done and that won't happen, but... This is much more a hope than an expectation.

Sorry to anyone eager to hear about new Oofuri chapters. I'll do my best to catch back up again! (P.S. Also note I hear there was no new chapter in this latest month's Afternoon. ...I feel a little bad to mostly just be relieved I'm not falling more behind XD)

narwhaltorte [userpic]

Oofuri 92

August 7th, 2012 (03:03 pm)

Summer trucks on. By the next Oofuri chapter, I will be in Vancouver and just starting school. ...It doesn't really feel quite real. ^_^; Hopefully I will still have time to read the new chapter when it comes out though. ^^

Oofuri 92Collapse )

narwhaltorte [userpic]

A Record of Unrealistic Goals 2: Manga

July 25th, 2012 (01:02 pm)

So when I go up to Vancouver I'll be staying for 2 or 3 (if I take part in their work experience program, which is probably a very, very good idea) years and moving a bunch of crud up there when I do. But I don't really want to move all my crud. This will mean deciding just how much I will miss my haibane wings and baseball head if I leave them behind, whether the scarves, hats and masks I never actually wear in public are thus so much a fixture of my home that really I can't live without them, and other such sad and difficult things.

One thing is probably a given though: I really don't need all those books.

Really the "books" are a bit of a lost cause, though. I'm a slow reader and they are word-dense. I woudn't be able to knock a significant amount of them off before leaving. I will just have to suck it up and pick and choose what comes.

The manga, though, is another story. Much of it is unread, and chances are after I do read it I'll find much of it I don't even want to keep on my shelf at home much less transport to school.

Thus, the goal...

Minimum goal: Single volumes and short series, roughly 80 volumes
Ideal goal: That plus longer series. (Hikago, Death Note, Hunter x Hunter, FMA, Alive, Beck, Eden, Tramps Like Us) Mostly things I've read partially but it's been so long I will probably start at the beginning of again anyway.

And, because I'm allergic to just sitting around and reading/watching things silently apparently...

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narwhaltorte [userpic]

Movin' Shop

July 22nd, 2012 (12:32 pm)

Just a note to say if you've wandered here after getting a random friend request from me, it is probably because I had you friended on my older account, pukiban. I've been keeping up the slightly ridiculous practice of blogging here and reading my flist there for years now and figured it was time to consolidate. Please feel free to friend back or not as you wish.

narwhaltorte [userpic]

English Major Analysis Madlib

July 21st, 2012 (07:53 pm)

So one of the things on my To Do list is getting some documents in order, and one of the things I found while doing that was the English Major Analysis Madlib I never got around to posting anywhere. So to rectify this, please, if it pleases you, pick a novel, movie, or other fictional story and join me in filling out...


narwhaltorte [userpic]

Oofuri 91

July 19th, 2012 (09:00 pm)

Garden Irrigation System: 12pts
NarwhalTorte: 1pts (I finished eventually, ok? T_T)

I am really too damp, funny smelling, and hungry right now to say any more on that particular matter. Also it was 103 degrees out today, and while I am not sunburnt and have now been inside for a few hours, I still have the distinct sensation of having been basted and cooked. I may as well go cut myself up and sprinkle myself over the salad greens I worked so hard to keep alive today.

Oofuri 91Collapse )

narwhaltorte [userpic]

A Record of Unrealistic Goals 1: Fanfiction

When coworkers, family, friends, and acquaintances heard I would likely have to quit my job months early to make it to Paris, they would ask me if I was upset I would be missing out on the chance for a few last paychecks before going off to school. I said I was, but it was ok since I had plenty I was planning to get done in the meantime. Some of them would ask what sort of things, and I would answer something along the lines of. "Oh, you know. Stuff and...stuff."

This is because while I did have various plans, the main thing constantly running through my head was...


Really, while there were a lot of things on my Summer To-Do List, most of it wasn't really anything I HAD to do, especially right this summer. But in the oh so massive amounts of experience I gained writing exactly two fanfics in my entire adult life, I did find I had difficulty writing when I didn't have an entire day (ideally multiple in a row) with not just no obligations on the Responsibilities front, but also no "obligations" toward myself I've been feeling like giving ("Gosh, you really wanted to read that book/watch that show/see that person, and if you don't do it now you maybe never will..."). So in a large sense, most of my summer to-do list was just stuff I thought helpful to get out of the way before I settled down to endless days of writing gay porn with abandon.

Considering my experience producing fic so far, it is highly questionable whether even in ideal situations I'd have been able to finish much at all, but writing ambitions before the demise of more than half my to-do list included...

6 Things HAHA There Is No Way That Was Ever Going To HappenCollapse )

Instead my Realistic To-Do List has cut that down to... The first entry, and possibly the mosquito edit if ever I feel overly compelled to write but don't wanna let myself start anything big. XD It is a sad, sad state of affairs. *sniff* There is always time during grad school, though, which while one does hear horror stories of its excessive time consumption...I'm a wimp about juggling work/school so I try to just do one at a time and will be attempting to survive on savings/loans. So...I could have more time than I think!

The saddest thing really is that I seem to be getting more flexible and less emotionally insane about writing things the more experience I get doing it, so I was hoping to stack a lot of that in this summer so I could be a nice and and well-adjusted gay fanfiction writer by the time school came, thus (with this increased flexibility) allowing me to continue writing more regularly even when school came around. But, you know, WHO KNOWS CAUSE I MEAN I REALLY WANT TO GET TO THAT FISTFIGHT AND NO AMOUNT OF BEING ILL-ADJUSTED IS GOING TO STOP ME YOU JUST WATCH ME DAMNIT.

narwhaltorte [userpic]

The Summer Plan

July 14th, 2012 (11:20 pm)

As Oofuri updates are most frequently the reason for me updating this journal and this comes right at the heels of some released raws, I feel like I should disclaimer this with a no, you will not find a LJ cut to a chapter translation at the end of this post. Sorry. Probably coming soon? ^^;

So at the end of this summer at the end of August/start of September, I shall be moving from my home of friendly Idaholand for a 2-3 year stay on the shores of I hear even more friendly (and also very cheap with their post-secondary education) Canadaland to get my master's in library and information science! This meant quitting my job at the library which would have been smart to do immediately before leaving but was a LOT MORE FUN to do months before leaving, in order to give myself time to run around various unfamiliar cities like a chicken with its head off before coming home to spend the remainder of my time in town with soon to be missed friends and family and doing fun/productive/lazy things.

Thus I have gotten lost in the following cities in the past couple months: Paris (and surrounding area), London, Portland, various coastal Oregon towns. A significant chunk of each of these locations actually came back home with me in the form of STORED ENERGY which is making it difficult to fit properly into some of my clothes. In addition to STORED ENERGY I also brought back other cool things such as mink, coyote, and raccoon derived products as well as 1 sprained ankle. I got to hobble around with a cane like a brilliant doctor and it was very sexy. I got to see 1010nabulation again by luring her to my town with aforementioned mink derived products, as well as factorielle who is getting raccoon in the mail instead.

And now, at long last, comes the part of my vacation where I SIT AROUND, DAMNIT. I will sit around and do nothing the entire time but also visit with friends and family whenever they ask me to and also do lots of reading and studying and writing but also do lots of super exciting fun things and just take it easy the whole time right? RIGHT?!

...Yeah there's a month and a half left of my summer and it's not like the above was even logically possible to begin with. I have a Summer List full of things to study, read, translate, fix, write, organize, create, cook, watch. And last night I sliced it not-quite down the middle into latter-end-heavy Ok Yeah Maybe and Wishful Thinking halves. Only a month and a half to sit around guiltlessly like an aimless bum. WHY IS MY LIFE SO HARD GUYS? WHY??

But one of the things I do mean to get doing is getting into the habit of updating this journal more, because there are people who do not use Plurk will not be seeing me much anymore soon who would probably like to be able to keep track of me somehow. Plus having the little self-history archive is nice. Thus I will be flexing my journal-entry-writing muscles by UPDATING YOU ON ALL OF THE UNINTERESTING DETAILS OF ALL THE THINGS I KEEP TRYING AND PROBABLY FAILING TO GET DONE THIS SUMMER.

This is going to be riveting reading I'm excited are you excited?

narwhaltorte [userpic]

Oofuri Chapter 60 Translation Help

May 21st, 2012 (02:37 pm)

You guys might recall that I had quite a bit of trouble translating the training camp fantasy sharing scene in Chapter 60. However, recently a commenter left some help with some of the parts I didn't get right. Since this is a...very important scene to many (XD) I thought I'd leave a note here to let anyone interested know that the summary/translation has been updated (and if you don't want to reread it, you can also go straight to the comment to see the parts that were corrected.) Happy re-dissecting of every detail!

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