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narwhaltorte's Journal

"...Whoa, surprise violent pirate lesbian sex scene!"

24 December
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Hello! This journal is the self-indulgent rants of the LJ user formerly known as pukiban, usually known as NarwhalTortellini but character limitations strict and unforgiving. Pukiban's former journal was primarily a Real Life journal, and she created this location here as a sort of vacation home where she could say whatever the hell she wanted she didn't say at Home Journal (mainly: talk about fandom, hot yaoi sexxors) without feeling like her less fannish RL friends and family could find would feel obligated to read her writings here.

And then suddenly the vacation home turned out to be such a nice and convenient place that she just kind of moved in there from day one and hasn't gone back since even when not on vacation (talking about RL). ^_^; Uh, sorry RL friends!

Thus in this journal you will see Pretty Much Whatever, including Fannish Talk, Scanlation Talk and Translations (since NarwhalTorte knows A Very Confused Sort of Japanese), Lazy Cosplay, a little bit of Fanfiction, possibly even occasional Ugly Drawings. NarwhalTorte's Home Fandom is Ookiku Furkiabutte/Big Windup!/Oofuri, though she never really let go of her love of Hikaru no Go and likes many Other Things, mostly involving Questionably Straight Relationships Between Males. She promises she isn't crazy but currently she does awfully like Homestuck.

Journal also includes Real Life, which probably involves a lot of Family. Narwhal has a Crazy Vietnamese Mother, who is the only way she can keep posts about her Real Life interesting. She is an Aspiring Librarian (NarwhalTorte, not Her Mother. Her Mother says if she could have gotten a fancy American education she'd have become a Doctor, Lawyer, Medicine Scientist, or Plumber) set to attend grad school fall of 2012. She is completely inept at Speaking To People In A Face to Face Setting, though she will make up for it online where she will talk to you till you get extremely tired of her.

She likes having a record of entertaining thoughts and events in her journal here (they tend to be pretty unintentionally funny if you go back and look at them years later), but the truth is she Migrated To Plurk a while ago, and her Internet Overshare Disease is mostly confined to there. Though more social, Plurk is a much less conveniently organized and readable Internet Overshare Archive, so she fights on in her effort to Update Her LJ Sometimes.

Anyone is free to friend, but I do frequently fall behind in my flist reading.